Setting editorial strategy for a men's lifestyle publication
Client: InsideHook
Role: Founding Editor

Founding editor for InsideHook, a newsletter-driven city guide for men of means. Built nationwide editorial and design team, and set publishing strategy across web and social. Created and led native advertising strategy, including video, social and written content, leading to recurring deals with marquee advertisers (e.g., Porsche, Glenlivet, Cartier, and Ralph Lauren). 500,000 subscribers in three years.
Developing go-to-market strategy for a premier Adobe product
Client: Adobe
Role: Content Director, Concept
Agency: Article Group

Adobe had a hot new 3D design tool, Dimension—but they weren't certain who their target audience was, how to reach them, or how to get their attention to convert. Through user and designer interviews and market research, we defined the target audience and created a strategic messaging framework that made the messaging task at hand approachable and actionable.
Driving app interaction with original content for ABInbev
Client: ABInbev
Content Strategist

To encourage adoption and use of its new inventory ordering app for bars, ABI needed original and compelling content. We worked with ABI to understand their target audience (bar owners and managers), then developed a content plan and hired writers to publish directly into their app.
Creating a branded content publication for Box
Client: Box
Role: Content Director
Agency: Article Group

Box needed to drive awareness and prime sales conversations. Working closely with product executives, we mapped the conversational topics that Box could own. We then developed a publishing and distribution strategy (Medium, newsletter, and twitter), and created a workflow that produced 6-10 new stories a week—all utilized by the sales team, social team and cross-pollinated with media appearances.
Developing editorial hiring plans and strategy for A&E
Client: A&E
Role: Executive Recruiter
Agency: Independent

To fill a vice president position in A&E's online content department, we interviewed ~15 editorial leaders, developed a ranking process, recommended an excellent candidate and shepherded them through hiring.
Improving traffic by 30% for The National Association of Realtors
Client: The National Association of Realtors
Role: Content Director
Agency: Article Group

After years of publishing and several redesigns, HouseLogic—the publication for homeowners published by The National Association of Realtors (NAR)—was struggling with flat traffic. After exploring the competitive space and auditing HouseLogic's content creation process and assumptions, we created an omni-channel content publishing plan that leveraged NAR's expertise, forged a new relationship with readers, and led to a sustained 30% increase in traffic.
Developing creative staffing plans and recruiting targets for CNBC
Client: CNBC
Role: Staffing strategy and recruiting
Agency: Independent

Working closely with the SVP of Creative Partnerships, we developed a native studio org plan and workflow that allowed CNBC to launch their native content capability. We created an org chart and staffing plan, complete with job descriptions, and recruited key editorial leaders for interviews.